Article Contributor: David Gasparyan

Five Ways To Generate More Leads For Your Business

Optimized Touchpoints With Clients

SEO-optimized landing pages for your products with CTAs leading to strategically identified links hold much value in the lead generation and conversion process. These pages are usually the first interaction a prospect will have with a brand. So, it’s critical to ensure that your product landing pages are user-friendly and fully optimized to educate visitors about how your product is going to solve problems without an overbearing sales pitch. A form that promises and delivers valuable content is a solid way to capture information from potential buyers for sales to later engage.

Data-Driven Content Makes All The Difference

Commitments are far from spontaneous, as they require a lot of thought, planning and insight from multiple decision makers. Potential partners need to know what value you can provide to their company before they commit to using your products or services for the long haul.

That said, you must always think ahead and communicate that value back to your prospects in various formats. For example, if you’re trying to inform your top-of-the-funnel prospects about your services, you can use videos and blogs. To further nudge your leads in the middle of the sales funnel, offer white papers, pamphlets and e-books.

Then there are webinars, case studies, guidelines and other measures to draw the leads toward the funnel.

Constant And Personalized Outreach

When you collect the contact information of individuals within your targeted audience, it’s essential to ensure they’re not forgotten. It is highly encouraged to send personalized weekly or biweekly newsletters and email blasts to trigger the interest of these prospects.

In your emails, you should include interactive and fun features such as videos and polls to get them to act on your CTAs. The level of engagement with your videos and polls will provide you with further insights into who on your email list is more receptive and interested in your offerings. Then you can use this data to tweak your targeted campaigns and focus on the high-intent leads.

Freemiums For The Win

During the recent insurance technology conference InsureTech Connect, my company gave an exclusive promotion for a free three-month trial of our marketing automation suite to all attendees who were interested in testing the waters with our marketing solutions. This direct incentive allowed for our target audience to get their hands on our suite of products with no strings attached. It was hugely successful and generated many new leads and partnerships with several insurance industry leaders.

Our offer taught us that when people see the impact of your product on their operations, they will resist parting ways with it, which will make them more inclined to consider the complete sign-up.

AI For The Things You Can’t Control

Artificial intelligence and call center analytics are powerful tools that improve conversion and lead retention. But what if you took automation by backing every aspect of your marketing strategy with AI-powered technology?

Imagine backing your calls with call tracking software or your telephony system with a cloud phone system (PBX). What if you could improve your email deliverability and SMS response rates with a communication tool?

The thing with marketing automation software is that it gives marketers an unparalleled advantage in generating, managing and nurturing new leads. When you take the automation route, you’re delegating practices that take too much of your work time and instead focus your efforts on building robust relationships with your prospects.

When you’re reconsidering lead generation strategies, incorporate as many automation tools and free incentives as possible. At the same time, don’t forget to optimize your lead journeys with multiple touchpoints, data-driven content and consistent, personalized outreach.