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We provide a full suite of SEO services from doing market research with keyword planning, to on page optimization, to doing all of the white hat off page SEO needed to rank you in Google and dominate Google Maps.

Search Engine Optimization

Get your company to the top of the first page of search results and get found by clients already looking for you.

Content Optimization

Content is one of the most important ranking factors that is often over looked. Work with our native English copywriters today.

On Page Optimization

Optimizing your website's On Page SEO is key to not only ranking in search results but to your customer's user experience. A well optimized site increases conversions.

SEO Consulting

Not sure where to start? No worries, our team of professionals will make a complete and custom SEO strategy to fit your needs and growth.

Data Analysis

We treat each client like a member of the family and really get to know your market inside and out. Our team constantly monitors and reports on all of the SEO and marketing data for your site.

SEO Strategy

LE Digital Marketing will be happy to build a custom SEO strategy with projected growth stages 3, 6, and 12 months out.

Drive more leads with SEO & Advertising

When developing a marketing strategy most companies focus on advertising for short term solutions. While advertising is a great way to grab leads initially there are two sides to the coin, with SEO being the other side that actually compliments advertising.

Search Engine Optimization is a long term strategy that is key to a company’s growth in the online market place. SEO is how your brand makes a footprint online and new customers discover your services. As an SEO service provider we help search engines index your website (think of indexing as a search engine discovering your site) and teach the search engines what your site is about. The search engines then learn what search terms (called keywords) your website should show up for and how high to rank your site for a given search.

The Strategy

While every site and niche is different, the core principles that search engines look at when ranking a site remain the same. We start by building what we call the foundation SEO for each client that we take on.  This includes:

  • Local business citations
  • Google Maps citations
  • High authority backlinks and guest posts
  • Getting a press release with the major networks
  • Social signals from viral posts on the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit)
  • Our proprietary ranking strategy that has us ranked #1 in a city of 2 million+

After the foundation SEO is built we develop a unique strategy for each client’s market to dominate and maintain the top of the search results.

Proven Results

SEO is a long term strategy that continues to produce results even when your paid advertising stops. Our clients have been happily enjoying their power house rankings for years. As the online space grows and continues to get more competitive to more crucial a solid SEO strategy becomes. Research consistently shows that only a small percentage of clicks and traffic go to paid advertising compared to organically ranked search results. Organic traffic makes up the majority of search traffic to websites and only continues to grow as consumers become more aware of online advertising.


Here are some of the stats we are proud to have delivered to our clients:


Search Traffic


Conversion Rate

Top 5 Keywords


Online Leads

We had been in the cryptocurrency market for 3 years before bringing on LE Digital Marketing. We knew we needed a SEO plan if we wanted to keep up with our competitors who were taking our market share. The growth in our first year with LE Digital Marketing was more then our previous two years combined. By month 6 we had added another $30k a month in revenue.
Damien Anderson

Head of Sales, Learn Bitcoin Trading

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Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert (sometimes called a specialist) analyzes, reviews and implements changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines. This means maximizing the traffic to a site by improving page rank within search engines.

Put another way, an SEO expert maximizes the revenue potential of a website.

Is this safe for my website? Can I get penalized?

At LE Digital Marketing, we only deploy white SEO techniques that obey Google's webmaster guidelines. We deliver solid solutions that will continue to serve your website even as search algorithms evolve.

What is a search algorithm and why does it matter?

There are different types of search algorithms that Google uses to judge the worthiness of your website. The main two are: Penguin - Assesses your off-site SEO. Panda - Assesses your on-site SEO. Two other important ones are: Hummingbird - Related to conversational search. Pigeon - Understands how good your local SEO is. These algorithms are updated regularly and they form the basis of where you rank in searches for particular pages. It's always important to follow Google guidelines if you want a healthy site that ranks well in Google.

I want to rank for this keyword, can you do it?

We can. But it's all about expectation management. With the type of SEO strategies we apply, we aim for particular keywords you want to rank for and do this effectively. The main thing to note is that ranking for a particular keyword is not done overnight but is instead a prolonged concerted effort to boost your rankings in the search engines. Nor is there a scientific, completely measurable way of doing it. If a search engine updates its algorithm tomorrow, it's our job to adapt and cater for the best user experience while still increasing your rankings in the search engine. Key tenets are: adaptability and integrity to provide a rich user experience that's Within Google Guidelines and which boosts the keyword you want to rank for naturally.

Is on-site optimization really that important?

On-site optimization is as important as the foundations of a house. Without on-site SEO, other digital marketing strategies may not completely fall into place. We cannot stress enough how fundamental on-site SEO is to digital marketing. As an example, you want to run PPC advertisements and you set it up with neat campaigns and ad groups linked to products and landing pages, but your cost-per-click is incredibly high and now your advertising budget is dwindling quicker than you can say I only wanted a sale, get me out of here! We take a look at your Google Adwords account and see that your quality score is low for many of the keywords. Why would this be? Partly because the on-site optimization on your landing pages has no relevance to the adverts you have set up! There are many things we can do to optimize your website for on page and off page SEO.