Updates for Verifiers and Verification Status

Last week’s loss of Local Viking API access for category flipping was a real pain for everyone. Having to switch to manually flipping was resulting in high rates of GMB suspensions. If you add in Pin Drop GMBs being down in the US and Google Search Console verification being insanely slow and harder then normal getting new Google My Business listings live in the US was very hard.

Thankfully Wednesday Local Viking delivered the welcomed news that the API issues were being resolved.

GMB verification out put has steadily been rising again here in the second half of the week. As a verifier, what have been your experiences lately?

Verificaions were good on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday we saw the start of Google’s usual weekend updates so we ceased verifications for the day.

Google Search Console and Email verification continue to be the best ways to verify at the moment. If you are looking for access to GMB verification methods you can learn them here in our course (https://www.ledigitalmarketing.net/services/gmb-verification-training/) This course is not meant for someone who currently knows working methods. and you must contact us first to request a spot in the course to be allowed access.

Tip: If your listings go live and then get suspended while you are doing updates, request reinstatement, only about 20%-30% will be reinstated but listings that are will be able to be flipped to harder categories.

Updates for clients

Verifications were down the first half of the week. Access to the needed tools was restored on Wednesday. Google started weekend updates on Friday so verifications were down again. Monday verifications should resume full force. Verification priority for our team is in house lead generation campaigns and previously verified bulk/long term buyers followed by orders confirmed to be in queue for new clients. The current queue will be cleared in the coming week and our team will reach out to confirm details with you as your order is started.

We are testing each category in the order the listings were received. Most categories are working in the US at the moment. We are currently ONLY focusing on US orders. We do not accept orders for garage door or locksmith.

If you are a new client we will do a small order of 1-5 listings to establish a billing and work history together before you will be eligble for bulk orders. If you are a new client please be advised that our services are in high demand and current verification methods aren’t as fast as some of the ones in the past. We are growing our verification team significantly and training new hires to raise output to meet demand. That being said, do not place a test order with us that is in a rush. New clients to get in the regular queue can take 1-2 weeks at the moment.


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