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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Influencer Marketing App?

A marketing service for OnlyFans models, Influencers, streamers, and content creators to make scheduled posts to Reddit. Save hours every day posting content at peak hours with follow up comments to promote your channels and links!

How does The Influencer Marketing App post on my behalf?

The Influencer Marketing App uses the Reddit API via OAuth2. The Influencer Marketing App will never ask you for your password.

How do daily post limits work on The Influencer Marketing App?

Each account on The Influencer Marketing App has a daily post limit, which by default is a limit of 5 posts per day. You can schedule as many posts as you want and that the daily limit applies to when the posts will be posted to reddit. For example, you can login and schedule 30 posts to happen over the next month, one per day, without any issue. However, if you try to schedule 6 posts to happen in the same hour it will refuse to schedule the last one because of your daily limit.

Please contact [email protected] if you wish to have your daily post limit raised or wish to have a custom private server setup.

How much does The Influencer Marketing App cost?

The Influencer Marketing App is always 100% free to sign up without a credit card. Our app authenticates through Reddit itself so your information and data are always safe. Upgrade to our Pro or Agency plans to increase your daily posting limit or manage bulk Reddit accounts.

Can I post images or videos via The Influencer Marketing App?

Nope. Currently only “self” and “link” posts are supported. But you could upload the image to Imgur or YouTube for the time being and post those links. To submit a post as an image post: upload the image to Imgur, copy the imgur url, use the imgur url as the only content in the text body and it will be submitted as a link post.

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"The Internet Marketing App helped me go from doing OnlyFas part time to quitting my job and making a full time income as a content creator. This has saved me from spending hours every day posting to Reddit. The rate my subscibers are growing is faster then the previous six months without the app combined."

– Rebecca White

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