The Power of Social Media for Your Business vs Ad Spend

I have been in competition with 6 other marketers that a company hired in the very competitive financial services industry. Each agency presented their own strategies and got their own budgets. The average lead conversion was 10%-13%, second place dominated the pack at 20%-25%. The strategy of the pack? Google AdWords and Facebook ads.

I was humbled to learn I lead the pack with over 53% conversion of leads. 80% of my leads turned into 1+ minute billable calls and 30+ minute calls with a sales agent. Zero ad spend. SEO + social media. I simply reverse engineered the ideal client and their interests for this company. Then using my in house secret sauce growth engine I went to town on Instagram and Twitter.

The amount of data that people willingly share publicly is a literal gold mine for our industry. Thinking about social media the way you think about ad targeting can unlock a ton of leads for you.

The best part of internet marketing is being able to think outside the box and change up strategies.

SEO, ad spend, and social media are all complimentary tools for growth, sometimes you just have to change up how you use the tools.