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What is an SEO expert?

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert (sometimes called a specialist) analyzes, reviews and implements changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines. This means maximizing the traffic to a site by improving page rank within search engines.

Put another way, an SEO expert maximizes the revenue potential of a website.

Is this safe for my website? Can I get penalized?

At LE Digital Marketing, we only deploy white SEO techniques that obey Google's webmaster guidelines. We deliver solid solutions that will continue to serve your website even as search algorithms evolve.

What is a search algorithm and why does it matter?

There are different types of search algorithms that Google uses to judge the worthiness of your website. The main two are: Penguin - Assesses your off-site SEO. Panda - Assesses your on-site SEO. Two other important ones are: Hummingbird - Related to conversational search. Pigeon - Understands how good your local SEO is. These algorithms are updated regularly and they form the basis of where you rank in searches for particular pages. It's always important to follow Google guidelines if you want a healthy site that ranks well in Google.

I want to rank for this keyword, can you do it?

We can. But it's all about expectation management. With the type of SEO strategies we apply, we aim for particular keywords you want to rank for and do this effectively. The main thing to note is that ranking for a particular keyword is not done overnight but is instead a prolonged concerted effort to boost your rankings in the search engines. Nor is there a scientific, completely measurable way of doing it. If a search engine updates its algorithm tomorrow, it's our job to adapt and cater for the best user experience while still increasing your rankings in the search engine. Key tenets are: adaptability and integrity to provide a rich user experience that's Within Google Guidelines and which boosts the keyword you want to rank for naturally.

Is on-site optimization really that important?

On-site optimization is as important as the foundations of a house. Without on-site SEO, other digital marketing strategies may not completely fall into place. We cannot stress enough how fundamental on-site SEO is to digital marketing. As an example, you want to run PPC advertisements and you set it up with neat campaigns and ad groups linked to products and landing pages, but your cost-per-click is incredibly high and now your advertising budget is dwindling quicker than you can say I only wanted a sale, get me out of here! We take a look at your Google Adwords account and see that your quality score is low for many of the keywords. Why would this be? Partly because the on-site optimization on your landing pages has no relevance to the adverts you have set up! There are many things we can do to optimize your website for on page and off page SEO.


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