Hey Tik Tok Fam, are you ready to skyrocket your business by finally getting those customers in the territories you couldn’t reach previously? Today we are diving into the exciting world of Google Business Profile rentals. We all know that Google only lets you market to about 15 to 25 miles around your business. So when you rent a profile in a new zip code you get to break into those territories you presiously couldn’t reach. Renting a profile in these new territories literally puts your business in front of a whole new set of customers. More visibility means more opportunities for sales. All you have to do to rent a profile with us is tell us your business category and the city you are trying to target and we will do the heavy lifting with Google. Plus we throw in a bonus with Bing and Apple Maps. Not only will we have your business verified on maps in no time. We will also do the heavy lifting from month to month. We will build out all of the SEO, we will go and collect the customer reviews, and we will get you out ranking the competitors on maps. We look forward to working with you.